Sunday, June 15, 2014

The amorphous being.

In the beginning he conceals his malignity, investigates the vulnerabilities, plan the deadly tactics.
He lies by omission, withholds the truth until it is too late, he plays innocent
He imitates the victim behavior, and he rationalizes his inappropriate existence.
But he is chaos in itself, amorphous , without idendity; to survive he needs to coexist with a victim.
He is so pervert that he choose among the most innocent. He drain bit by bit their life
This being name is Cancer

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The venoms of empathy

You are sitting  with a group of people.  you realize that you are experiencing empathy!  You are merging with these people in their problems and weaknesses.

But suddenly you feel drained and empty,  you feel trapped by your own empathy, corpses feeding on your blood, you are being put down, you feel lead weights around your feet, getting absolutely nowhere, going in endless circles and confined in a narrow frozen box!!

trapped by edwin alverio

Your own empathy is poisoning you. The venom is piercing your heart, erasing your limits, killing your characteristics, you are left helpless, a bundle of empathy feelings. You feel so weak that you cannot escape but your rebel spirit is so powerful that you let go and walk away...

Bahijeh Akoury