Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The void of envy

Calumny (Slander) - by BOTTICELLI, Sandro
Envy ... is a subtle and powerful feeling, motivating everything from political movements to murders. (Richard Zeckhauser, 1991, p. 9)

“Invidere”  is considered as one of the “seven deadly sins “ by Christianity and the mind poison by Buddhism.
For Aristotle, Envy is pain at the good fortune of others. ( Rhetoric, Bk II, Chapter 10)
Envy is that passion which views with malignant dislike the superiority of those who are really entitled to all the superiority they possess. (Adam Smith, The Theory of Moral Sentiments, p. 244)

I always imagined the envious having special physical and psychological characteristics, he has small eyes and greenish skin texture. He does not have any biological or sexual identity. He mates by envy to have for himself the sexual identity of his partner.
Slimy, sneaky, sleazy, he enters our life from back door, he sniffs our personal life, monitors our transparency to capture our strong characteristics.
He acts by copying us, he hides his poisoned envy behind clichéd humanism. He craves what we have, looking suspiciously at our well beings. He is distressed at the thought that he does not feel the happiness and the sorrow we feel.
He envy  our good and bad experiences and project his so-called knowledge on it so to be the one who "have it all".
 He fights to lower and dispossess in the name of his clichéd humanity and justice
 “If I can’t have it, neither should you.”
His demand for justice is the demand that the excessive enjoyment of the others should be reduced, so that everyone's access to enjoyment should be equal 
This is well described in this anecdote about a man who is given a choice by a witch: The first one is to give him one cow, and to his neighbor two cows. The second one is to take from him one cow, and from his neighbor two cows ,of course he chooses the second option
He tortures himself by imagining our happiness.
He is torn between his desire to be always the chosen and his feeling of emptiness, he is always a step backward, he can’t be as good as his version of our happiness.
He does not have any desire of his own, he envy our desires.  
While desire can be satisfied, envy never can. it is void from inside. Envious is a human imprisoned in his own tragic history. 
Everyone can have instances of happiness. Inner freedom from old skeletons is the leading way.

"If envy grabs you by the throat on the way
It is Satan who reaches beyond all bounds.
Because from green envy he hates Adam
And he’s at constant war with happiness.
On the way there’s no harder bridge to cross.
Happy is he who hasn’t made envy his friend.
The body is a mansion packed full of hate,
The family and servants are all tainted.
Yet Almighty God made the body to be pure
So sweep clean His house.
The purified heart is a true treasure and Earth’s gold talisman."

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