Saturday, December 6, 2014

Dancing on the grave

Rene Magritte Son of Man

Lately I ran on YouTube into a nice lecture of Chomsky talking about his book: "the responsibility of the intellectuals" .

Immediately  some so-called  Lebanese INTELLECTUALS jumps into the picture!!! And automatically is fired the expression of G.Nasr in OLJ "les intellectuels qui ont avalé un parapluie"

Self-Infatuated, grouchy, bilious, they walk surrounded by some young stereotyped common mortals. Scarcely they deliver information and thoughts , using a folded language inaccessible to us the common mortals, to hide an empty thought or to conceal a good information, delivering always only one side of the picture.
Their followers are always maintained in a state of belief in their own ignorance and helplessness, which will be cured by the the help of the sacredness of their master brains' .

These intellectuals  are insuring their place in the "CLOSED LEBANESE CULTURE LOBBY" by their constant servility to some figures of authority delivering a concealed one side information to maintain the inviolability of these figures, but secretly hoping that one day that they will replace them. 

Lebanese art critics, literature critics are a bunch of I-COMPLIMENT-YOU-NOW  so YOU-COMPLIMENT-ME-LATER.

Anyone can see the planned filtered books spectrum in the Lebanese book-stores.. Readers are meant to be maintained in a state of  ignorance of their own ignorance.

Where are Lebanese intellectuals from this? why things are kept as-is?

But they FORGET that we are in the globalization era ,where from any "cave" one can follow  the work of the most interesting intellectuals of the world and read any book for free,
One can check as many books and articles as he want,

Surprise Cultural feudalism is dying...  I am dancing on its grave.

Bahijeh Akoury


  1. Excellent post. Nothing is much more vacuous than pseudo-intellectualism, followed closely by the quest to be an intellectual without going to the source of thought. A life without thorough examination of self-consciousness, (Who Am I) creates a person who though sparkling on the surface, when looked into is as thin as air.

  2. They act like if they own IT "the knowledge".