Friday, January 16, 2015

For he has sinned

A little story about a man, a man with “the power given to him”, hiding the usual forbidden lust in the dark clothes of puritanism , sometimes helped by the virgin of the institution hiding her bitterness in the white clothes of pureness

Sneaks into families, schools and orphanages, insidiously injects feelings of hopelessness. 

The young ones find their soul in despair, unselfconsciously they are absorbing the venom he is injecting. 

They run to him seeking the cure , approaching him to benefit from “the power given to him”.
They are trapped into his world, He shows them his so-called loneliness, weakened them by the powerful feeling of pity

When the victim start to feel weakened , the choreography of  the forbidden desire starts,  he drown the victims with him in the vicissitude of fantasies . 

When the act happened, he withdraw back,  and accuses the victims of imbalance.

People say: "he was guided by love but misbehaved"
"He has been giving a lot to the community, he was alone and faults happen"
"Chastity vows are tough we should grant him the right to marry and have a family"(maybe later molesting his own children...)

They transfer the "big heart"  from a region to another in an attempt to cover up such love demonstration. And of course the people start spreading rumours  about conspiracy, freemasonry, illuminati, Satan in the form of a snake...

But, according to victims , the man "demonstrated his big love" with his own sexual attributes covered by a condom...

Who knows maybe Satan is afraid of sexual transmitted disease.... Or the freemasonry is dispensing free condoms, or the illumanti threw a spell on the man sexual apparatus

 "You are 'Rock,' and on this rock I will build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."

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