Tuesday, March 17, 2015

"I’m going to be a writer Nothing but a writer." Review of "Living to tell the tale"

"I’m going to be a writer . . . Nothing but a writer."

I was reluctant about reading a spanish translated book to English. But curiosity was intense. And it was a good choice

Magical autobiography.
It takes us into a fantastic journey full of  humour where each scene in Marque takes us back to a similar scene in our own childhood with all its magic.
Magical scenes , mixture of real facts and  imaginary stories; it is.like hearing a little kid is telling the tale.
All along the book, the reader find it easy to be part of each scene, to visualize each scene, with its characters without loosing the humorous character of the book

"I cannot imagine a family environment more favourable to my vocation than that lunatic house, in particular because of the numerous women who reared me"

“My stories were simple episodes from daily life that I made more attractive with fantastic details so that the adults would notice me . . . these were a budding narrator’s rudimentary techniques to make reality more entertaining and comprehensible.”

“the priest assisted me with a dictionary of sin …. And so my first step for my first communion was another great stride forward in the loss of my innocence”

“ the only thing they need to say now is that I am corrupting us and then they will send me back to the house of correction”

“that horror of being seen by dead”

I did not realize that I was crawling with lice until I had infected all the family, she disinfected her children one by one with insecticide
“what grieved me the most was the rosary my mother said for the eternal rest of his soul”
“I was surprised that the priests talked to me as if they lost their mind … I invented parodies of sacred chorales with pagan words that to my good fortune no one understand” 
“the greatest danger was not the plane but the cows that wandered onto the clay runway improvised in a pasture|”

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