Sunday, May 31, 2015

The snake

She woke up this morning feeling weird, heavy
She left her bed and looks in the mirror, her eyes were still milky, everything was hazy, she felt vulnerable and scared in this mist.
She sat on her mat, her skin felt so sensitive; an itchy, odd, unpredictable feeling are cascading down to her.
 Feeling of anger, sadness were permeating every nerve of her skin. 

She retrieved inside herself, deep inside in a timeless place, to the border of a vast lake of silky peaceful water, surrounded by green forest, she sat there, looking around, her vision was restored, she impregnated her eyes with the splendors of the surroundings, she started breathing deeply, energy was flowing  and opening space in her chest, she lifted her head and the movement of her breath created a rip in the surface of anger feelings , it started to shed, Pain pealed from her mind and her soul like dead skin.

The freshness of the air regenerated and restored back her sense of well being
Life started pouring through her new skin, entering her body and reaching the depth of her core, reigniting her flame.
Everything was new after this overwhelming feeling of detachment! 
She rose up with all the beauty and vastness of her soul, she took a sweeper and removed all the dead skin from the room.

Bahijeh Akoury


  1. Excellent concept Bahijeh and beautifully written. What we shed in our belief of a separate self reveals the mystery of true self. You nailed it. Sweet!

    1. Thank you, this is the kind of meditation that really help me